There are only two fictional characters deserving of outright hatred.




This bitch


And this fucker right here


Three, actually. This piece of trash right here.image

Fucking Moon Moon!

first i was like hell yes i hate them than i saw hayley and i was laughing so hard! 
I really like phoebe tonkin in everything but TVD & TO but this is fucking genius! :D

I want so much for Lydia Martin and Caroline Forbes. My beautiful fucking princesses. Both insecure sweethearts who thought all they could be was a pretty face and a punching bag for some boys who couldn’t comprehend their worth. Baby girls don’t you know who you are my lovely vampire and banshee queens? Your everything, fire and destruction are left in your wake you bring men down on their knees just to know a little of who you are. You are death personified, cities crumble under your strength streets run red with just a glimpse of your dimpled grins. You can have it all I swear. Your infinity and some wrapped in the shells of girls who lost too much too damn young. Both of you symbols of death yet still striving to live and breathe happiness and optimism even when times look bleak. So what do I want for Lydia Martin and Caroline Forbes you ask? The Whole Fucking World